Let’s boost your Digitisation Data processing Business

Henry SYSTEM is a comprehensive tool providing centralized and structured access to data.
It offers an overall management of your business case - accessible from anywhere, while managing all data from one place.
Henry SYSTEM is a platform that gives "boost" to usual company systems.

Need to sort out...

… where to look when you usually check information in several systems?
… how to promptly find out the status of your project?
… where to find comprehensive overview of your business activities?
… how to efficiently prepare calculation from current data in one system?
… access to real-time data from all your systems?
… capacity, material, service or maintenance planning?
… digitisation and display of production data in one place?
… change management across whole business process?

Henry SYSTEM offers...

  • Case management

    It provides comprehensive management of project lifecycle by using optional statuses of your own choice. It is a core module that centralizes all project data and manages it through user rights and roles. This piece of the system can be optionally integrated with other systems.

    The main benefit is complete management in your hands.

    Case management
  • Calculation

    Calculation brings new options and tools to give precision to your calculations. In practice, we take your calculation model, transfer it to the database, increase it by online data from other systems and create a calculator for your product. The calculation will benefit from database solution while using data recorded in Henry SYSTEM / in any other existing information systems.

    The main advantage is the ability to track changes, update of input data and unlimited recalculation options.

  • PDM

    It allows you to archive and control access to project data that is subsequently managed by:
    status / revision / user access. The system is open for external access for collaborating organizations as well.

    The benefit of this solution is that all documents are always at disposal for you and your partners.

  • Planning

    Planning ensures tracking and data collection from different systems or company processes aiming at reaching efficient planning of material flows, human resource capacity and notification of maintenance.

    Complex view of the project timeline is the key benefit of Planning.

  • Production Visualization

    It allows you to view online drawings and other documents. At the same time it offers visualization of instructions for processing wires, cables, hoses or pipes to be seen by operators in industrial production. And last but not least, it solves the visualization of 3D models without having to add any specific software.

    An indisputable benefit is the complete digitisation of the production process up on client´s specific requirements along with user-defined view.

    Production Visualization
  • CRM

    CRM provides overall record and overview of all activities and interactions with partners, suppliers, clients and other organizations in your field of activity.

    It displays configurable project reports based on user roles and permissions.

    The main benefit is a comprehensive overview of activities related to the project, organization, calculation and documents.


What is your experience?

  • From the beginning of our cooperation, WebConsult.cz has put emphasis on understanding the assignment and our needs as a customer. A detailed analysis of our company's internal processes and the subsequent design of a software solution was carried out within several days. All this was done both in person at our company premises and remotely. This structured approach in defining the assignment, and 100% transparent recording of the agreed parameters of the future software gave us as a customer confidence in a successful outcome. The actual programming and creation of the resulting software then had a clear direction and boundaries. This professional approach was a great and pleasant surprise for me personally and my colleagues as well. Our experience from previous projects with other companies has not been so positive. Now we have a functional and usable software tool, which we can and want to develop further with WebConsult.cz.

    Michal Arnold Techco-Electrics ETS s.r.o.
  • I need my suppliers to deliver. I need quick, reliable and usable results, not weeks of planning and tons of documents. WebConsult.cz’s approach using quick deliverables led to a fully-functional multi-language system in a record time. Absolutely easy to use administration, it´s scalability as well as superb response time of WebConsult.cz’s team were the key success factors. They simply get things done.

    Petr Hýl HYL s.r.o.

Why WebConsult.cz?

For more than 25 years we have been developing web applications tailored to your needs and desires.

Our goal is to make your work more efficient while taking into account the needs of your customers.

We are process-oriented data specialists who see opportunity in the connection of individual company systems into a single display environment.